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Does Press pickup from a hotel or concierge desk?
Does Press pickup from a hotel or concierge desk?

Hotel pickups

Updated over a week ago

Absolutely! Our service is perfect for the traveler who doesn't have access to a washer and dryer or who's beloved dry cleaner is back home. 

You simply schedule a pickup online or through the app and bring your items to the front desk or concierge - just tell us where you're leaving them in your entry instructions, along with your room number. Then we'll pickup and redeliver to that spot.

When you drop off your clothes with the concierge you'll want to notify them that Press Cleaners will be by to pickup the items to avoid any confusion at the concierge desk please ensure you label your bag with your name, hotel & room number.

Please note all hotel pickups and deliveries can only be made from a concierge or front desk

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