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What things will Press not clean?
What things will Press not clean?

Rejected garments

Updated over a week ago

At this time, we cannot accept certain items for cleaning due to the nature of the item or the risk they may pose to the cleaning facility or other customers. 

Here is a list of the items we currently don't clean:

Some specialty care items:

  • Sofa covers

  • Area rugs

  • Vintage clothes (in some cases)

  • Costumes/mascots 

  • Hats/Headwear

  • Fur & Animal products (feathers, fur coats) 

  • Purses/handbags

  • Weighted blankets

Anything contaminated with:

  • Bodily fluids from humans or animals

  • Excessive pet hair

  • Bedbugs

  • Poison ivy or poison oak oils

  • Hazardous chemical residue

Thank you for being considerate of other customers and the laundry attendants - who work diligently to provider you with the best possible garment care. 

Simply email our team at if you are unsure about a particular garment.

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