Wash and Fold

Wash and fold is your basic laundry service. Your laundry is washed in a commercial washing machine and tumble dried in a commercial dryer then folded before it is returned to you nice and clean. This service is charged by the pound with the exception of items (like a comforter) that take up an entire washing machine or dryer. Garments are not ironed.

Dry Cleaning

Clothes are inspected, treated for stains than immersed and cleaned with a water-free chemical solvent. Clothes are gently agitated in the solvent to cause the soils to loosen. Then garments are either steamed or pressed to remove winkles. Items are then hung.

Laundered & Pressed (select Dry Cleaning)

Your garments are washed in a commercial washing machine and pressed (or ironed) while wet which creates a crisper finish. Items are then hung. Use the service type Dry Cleaning and state in your special instructions that you'd like specific item(s) laundered & pressed.

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