1. Create an account on presscleaners.com.

2. Enter your pickup/delivery address (home, employer, hotel etc.).

3. Choose a service; Dry Cleaning, Wash & Fold (aka laundry, clothes are folded rather than ironed) or Both. Click here for more details on the different services.

4. Select your desired pickup & delivery dates & times.

5.  Select your frequency. (Don't worry you can reschedule or cancel at anytime).

6. Enter any special instructions like starch requirements or any stains you'd like us to pay special attention to.

7. On pickup day, put your clothing in a disposable bag (for your first order).

8. An agent pickups up your order from your specified address (you can even leave it outside your door or with a door man so you don't have to wait on us).

9. Your clothes are cleaned at a professional dry cleaning or laundry plant.

10. Your order is itemized by item for Dry Cleaning, or clean clothes are weighed for Wash & Fold.

11. Your clothing is delivered to your address in a fresh Press bag (for you to use for future pickups).

12. You are out enjoying your fresh clean clothes & your new found free time!!

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