1. Create an account on presscleaners.com 

2. Select your service Dry Cleaning or Wash & Fold (aka laundry, clothes are folded rather than ironed). Click here for more details on difference between Dry Cleaning and Wash & Fold.

3. Enter your pickup/delivery address (home, employer, hotel etc.)

4. Select your desired pickup & delivery dates & times

5. Tell us what's in your bag for a price estimate or skip this step for quicker scheduling

6. On pickup day, put your clothing in a disposable bag (for your first order)

7. Our agent pickups up your order from the specified address (you can even leave it outside your door or with a door man so you don't have to wait on us)

8. Your clothes are cleaned at a professional dry cleaning or a laundry plant

9. Your order is itemized by item for dry cleaning, or clean clothes are weighed for wash and fold

10. Your clothing is delivered to your address in a Press bag

11. Your card is charged for your order

12. You are out enjoying your fresh clean clothes & your new found free time!!

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